Remote Access through VNC or xrdp

I am trying to get remote graphical access to a machine.

Remote Access module within Yast - Doesn’t recognize the current firewall state, installs a bunch of packages, then X crashed and I am returned to a command prompt. Reboot, allow access to 5800:5805 and 5900:5905. I can connect from a remote VNC client, but all I get is a black screen which eventually times out. Can’t find anything in any logs

XRDP - Installed through Graphical software management client, then updated by one-click install from OBS X11:RemoteDesktop. Initially, I had to create the cert, now when I connect, I can log in, I get the white loading circle, then my RDP session ends. I can’t find anything in the logs for this either.

How do you graphically remotely administer OpenSuse at this point?

On that last question: ssh, and to administer YaST in it’s ncurses interface:

ssh user@host
su -c yast

I’m not sure giving Windows admins a text interface to administer a system is going to win them over.

SDDM (which is used by default if you choose the KDE/Plasma desktop during installation) doesn’t support remote access.

Use a different one (kdm, gdm, lightdm) and it should work via VNC.

No idea about RDP, never used that.

I’m using VNC through a ssh tunnel and with x11vnc:

ssh -L 5901:localhost:5900 <remote ip> 'x11vnc -localhost -display :0'

and then:

vncviewer localhost:5901

This setup works with an existing console session on the remote machine. If you need to create one, then I think you should follow wolfi323’s advice.