Remmina broken (SIGSEGV)

remmina has been broken for a while now.
Usage seems normal, but as soon as you exit one of the connections, remmina will end with SIGSEGV and dump core.
Anybody else seeing the problem?


Thank you hui for your reply.
Unfortunately none of these bugs is relevant to my issue.
They all deal with RDP connections. At least one deals with nvidia driver problems (I’m on AMD).
Also, they mostly say that the user cannot connect.
On the contrary, I have no problems making connections, either RDP or SSH (not tried VNC or other supported protocols).
My problem is that, as soon as I terminate one connection (e.g. by typing “exit” in an ssh session, or by typing “reboot”, or closing an RDP session by clicking “x” in the tab) the whole program terminates with a SIGSEGV.
And while these bugs are all very old, I have begun experiencing the problem only very recently (a matter of days).
I’ve seen something vaguely similar in remmina’s issues in their gitlab project page, but I’m not sure it’s the same thing I’m experiencing.

I’ll probably have to report my own bug, but I wanted to be sure I’m not the only one with the problem, since that may indicate a problem in my configuration.


Hi all,
Remmina was just updated from 1.4.26-2.1 (IIRC) to 1.4.26-3.1, and the problem has been fixed.