Reminder software

Hey guys, not loving the new look of the forums yet by the way :frowning:
I have a requirement for a bit of software to manage my reminders; ideally it would be a server/client application as i use multiple computers on my lan.

The basic requirements are I load the server software onto a server (dur) and install a client onto a client (again, dur). My reminders are entered on the client and saved to the server which then sends flashing/on-screen reminders to the client(s) or specific user(s).

I tried basKet but not only did it loose a lot of my notes, it is
for single-pc use instead of multiple.

If anyone can suggest a bit of software I could use, that would be great!

(Im using OpenSuse10.3 on all the clients and servers btw)
Thanks in advance

Some of this stuff is done by high-tech calendaring/workflow systems, but if you are looking for something less complicated, try Mozilla Sunbird, or which is really the same software, Thunderbird with the Lightning add-on. Sunbird/Lightling is a calendar client.

Now you’ll need somewhere to store the calendars, which can be personal and/or shared by the way. If you want to keep it all in-house, configure Apache as a webdav server and you can store calendars there. But if you don’t mind letting Google store your calendar(s), there is a Thunderbird add-on called Provider for Google Calendar. Using this you can update your Google calendar(s). I find it handy because whatever I put in at one location, e.g. home, is available elsewhere, e.g. work.

Sunbird/Lightning pops up a reminder window a configurable number of minutes before the event. You can set events to be repeating, all the standard calendar stuff.

And here’s an interesting easter egg. If somebody using Outlook sends an appointment to your gmail address, it gets automatically added to your Google calendar.

So since Ken replied (thank you very much by the way), I have been banging my head trying to get apache2.2 to work as webdav.

Although I am fairly new to linux, I am not a total noob lol so followed my nose and tried to get it working.

I discovered plenty of information on what webdav is and so on and a lovely website mod_dav Installation and Configuration which has apache install instructions. The problem is, I think these relate to Apache 1.3 as when I run the command

./configure --with-apache=/usr/local/apache2
(which is where apache2 defaults its install to, I am told


checking for static Apache module support… no - Unable to locate /usr/local/apache2/src/include/httpd.h
checking for dynamic Apache module support (via APXS)… no
configure: error: You need to point --with-apache at the base Apache source code directory

and the installer quits.
I compiled apache2.2 from the source code (stored in /home/badger_fruit/httpd/) so tried

./configure --with-apache=/home/badger_fruit/httpd
but received the same error (albeit with the specified path).

After re-reading the docs on both and, i have found i am just going around and around in circles.

Does anyone have experience of installing webdav either seperately or as part of apache2.2?


you’re trying way too hard, methinks. For one thing, use the Repositories. Never install from source, or you will screw up the rpm (installation) database. Apache2 is all set in the repositories.

And if it is just for yourself, why are you installing all this anyway? Why not just let Google do all the heavy lifting and use their Calendar? Or you could check Remember The Milk:

Remember The Milk: Online to do list and task management

It doesn’t have a popup (although it does integrate with Google Calendar) but it does send reminder emails and/or TXT messages.