Reminder program suggestions

:)Does anyone know of a good reminder program?

I want some sort of pop-up or message display for things like appointments, due dates, etc. Maybe send a notice to email. Preferably something that will go out about two weeks or more.

Doesn’t have to be fancy or even gui based.

Thanks, Tom

Perhaps Reminder fox a FX addon:
Korganizer to get it use the krunner & type in korganizer

Kontact has these options but I’ve never used them.

IMO Kalarm is the best simple reminder program and it’s highly configurable.

It’s in the repos.

Check out Google Calendar. You can get email and/or pop up notifications, as many as you want, at as many times before the event as you want. (There may be some limit, but I haven’t tried to find it.) Several calendar programs that you can use locally can be configured to synchronize with Google Calendar.

There are security/privacy concerns with keeping some part of your life on Google’s computer that you’ll have to decide for yourself.

If you are a KDE user, Kontakt seems to be a logical solution. It encompasses Kmail, Kalender, Kaddressbook, etc.

GregBrannon wrote:
> Check out Google Calendar.


and you can access from the webcafe in Timbuktu, or your gPhone (or
whatever) if you need/want to …

worried about privacy? don’t schedule yourself for a “Sensual
encounter with Crystal”, instead something more like “Chiropractor
appt” :wink:


Thanks for all the responses. I like the looks of markcynts’ suggestion of kalarm. Looks like it will do everything I want.

Thanks again.