remastersys for OPenSuse

I asked about remastersys for OpenSuse at Geek connection and was told there weren’t any plans for a version. But someone else asked as well and this was the reply

"I haven’t taken a look at suse at all yet.

I’ll tell you what, if you can get everyone that is interested in remastersys for suse to come here and post like you did I might look into it further if there is enough interest."

So if anyone else wants what I believe would be a big bonus for a great distro, just go to this link and leave a comment.

Suse 11.2

Remastersys seems to be for debian based distribution only “to create a customized Live CD/DVD”.

If you are looking for something similar for openSUSE, do a research about “KIWI”.

I’ve looked at Kiwi, downloaded it but cant find it or use it, nor have I been able to find anyone who has. Tried Clonezilla and partimage, but no success.

Remastersys does a great job of creating a live CD from with the OS and to me that’s about all OpenSuse lacks. It means I can update, make an ISO and then play with my system to learn more and if I stuff up, I just reload it with all my files intact.

It also would allow me to give away copies of my system to those interested in trying Opensuse, without downloading it. Where I live, we are all on satellite, so don’t get free distro downloads and have very restricted bandwidths and slow speeds with many interruptions.