RemasterSys app for opensuse??

I’m trying to convince a friend to use linux. For that, I would like to build a custom live cd which contains all programs and settings I have currently installed. This way he is ready to go and doesn’t need to config everything. Looking on the internet I found a great app which could do this:
Remastersys - Create custom Ubuntu (live) CD - Tutorial

A quote from this site which explains exactly what I want to do:

Remastersys is a very handsome application. In a way, it is an on-the-fly imaging software. But it also allows you to boot your image as a live CD, reinstall it on another machine - or give it out to friends (if you have any), as a ready-to-use Linux, with every little hack and trick you like already implemented.

It can do a backup including user data (see the screenshots).

Now I would like to know if there is a similar program for opensuse? I looked for Yast-Image-creator (Kiwi) and yast-product-creator but those don’t fit the bill. It seems I can only select some extra packages from repos to create a live-cd. Want I want is just copy my currently installed distro and wrap it in a bootable live cd.

You would be better to look at using SUSE Studio for that…

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It’s too bad there’s no program like that for openSUSE.

Remastersys is a great program.

Build Service/KIWI - openSUSE

That looks nice but complicated to me.

Not in the same league as Remastersys.

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> Akoellh;2055409 Wrote:
>> ‘Build Service/KIWI - openSUSE’
>> (
> That looks nice but complicated to me.
> Not in the same league as Remastersys.

Have a look at SUSE Studio then. :slight_smile:


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I did get an invite but didn’t look into it too much.

I’ll be doing that soon though.

Anyone who’s ever used Remastersys knows what I’m talking about.

It’s a really, really nice app.

I agree, I use Remastersys to distribute OS but can’t do it with Suse which I like much better. I tried Suse studio, but you can’t customise it like you can in your own computer and upgrade it as you can with remastersys. Each time you change it you’d have to download it again, boring and wasteful.

I installed Kiwi, but can’t even find it to see what it can do. I really love Suse, but it has it’s problems interacting with other linux, especially dual booting and imaging OS.

Remastersys is a wonderful tool. Great for linux propaganda. Makes me want to switch to Linux Mint 9. I will try and look for a opensuse package with this program.

Well what if I wanna use a separate kernel like LUK I cant there little to no customization with SUSE Studio just a base and choose packages? Debian maybe alternative?