remasteing opensuse

Has anyone successfully remastered opensuse using the ‘makesusedvd’ program and how to at :

I am hoping to discuss some particulars with someone who has been successful with this.

Big Bear

I haven’t used houghi’s script. Just fwiw, most activities I’ve seen are using the Build Service and its tools like kiwi, which is the base for the YaST Product Creator, Add-on Creator, and Image Creator tools. There are some complimentary remastering tools like Rembrand for stripping out and replacing the copyrighted openSUSE/Novell pieces.

thank you for the fyi.

I am just experimenting with various distros to see where I can get the best opportunities to make custom builds for multiple local installs.

Big Bear

I understand; I have a similar interest. fwiw the openSUSE tools look very interesting. The Fedora spin tool as well, although I haven’t looked closely. Supposedly Ubuntu has something in this vein; I haven’t looked at it.