Relocate Home Directory

I have openSUSE 11 installed and I tried setting up a dual-boot. Unfortunately after the resizing the partitions and making new ones it failed.

How can I move my existing /home partition ins openSUSE into the new partition the other system created?

I tried copying all of the files from my existing /home partition, and changing the /etc/fstab to point /home to this new partition but I was unable to log in.

It would go through the motions, but then kick me back to the login screen.

Make sure you user directory has the correct priviliges

do a chown -R /home/<user> <user>:users

and replace <user> with the username.

Depending on how you configured the user login, you could have a problem in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager. This file holds parameters which uses when it calls KDM, and will override some KDE settings (for example, autologon user). You can edit it by hand or through the YaST module under System.