Relly Lame Question from a newbie

I closed the ‘Desktop Folder’ - how do I get it back on my desktop? :shame:

Open your home folder and the desktop folder should be there.

I see it there. I can’t figure out how to put it back on the desktop (like the desktop default starts with)

Dear caleb782734,

Reading your post, my impression is that you need suppport/help. Then why do you start this thread in:** Looking For Something Other Than Support**?

It is not that people do not want to help you when you post in the wrong place (someone allready started to try to help you), but posting in the correct subforum would attrackt more people that are only looking in subforums where they feel that their knowledge is good, thus they do not notice your post.

Also mentioning at least which version of openSUSE, which desktop you use (with version) and more descriptive text om what you did might help us to help you.

Remind that on sundays crystal balls have a day off and also in general we are not looking over your shoulder all the time, thus everyting must be communicated via the text in your post.

Well , excuse me.

An excuse is not needed at all. I only try to convey the message to you (and others) that it is in your own interest that your quests for help go to those places where the change for an good answer is the best.

You are likely talking about the Folder View plasmoid that is by default placed on the desktop. Don’t worry about that one. Just right-click the desktop, unlock widgets and add widget. The one you need to add is called Folder View.