Reliable disk / file / folder encryption for 11.1?

I’m looking for a robust and reliable way to encrypt the disk or at least the files and directories on my laptop. The encryption needs to be transparent and not get in the way of my daily work.

Does oS11.1 have it’s own encryption system that’s fully integrated or do I need to install a 3rd party app like Truecrypt? How robust are these encryption systems? Am I more likely to end up with data corruption?

I’ve been using dm-crypt LUKS for disk/partition encryption,
no problem so far, IMO it’s very reliable :slight_smile:

please check this page
Encrypted Filesystems - openSUSE


I’ve personally used Truecrypt and it works very well (an item on my to-do list is to properly implement it on my laptop, moving all documents and Firefox profile etc. to within a truecrypt partition). It’s certainly reliable and the encryption is transparent and robust. I’m not aware that using it would increase the likelihood of data corruption.

An advantage of Truecrypt over any other system would be that it is also cross-platform given that there is a Windows version, which I have also used.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll look at LUKS and then decide. I’ve used the windows version of truecrypt before.