Release time of opensuse-11.4

It seems that opensuse-11.4 will be release at Hawaii time 00:00 Hr March 10, 2011.
I am wondering why ithis moment is chosen.

Hello prudra all we are waiting this moment. Here in Greece(Hellas) we must wait only 7 hours. Only 7 hours patience!!!;):slight_smile:

I’m in Japan counting down the hours for the release and and says 1 hour left :slight_smile:

It’s here. Just installed it now.

So… openSUSE is out. Now I’m waiting for Release Party :slight_smile:
And here in Nuremberg I have to wait 5 DAYS !!!

You are lucky Alexander!!! We have also organized our release Party but it is in Thessaloniki and I can not go because I 1) study in university and I have not time.:frowning:
2) It is far away from Athens.:frowning: