Release note uestion

In the release notes for upgrading from 13.2:
2.2 Btrfs: Disk Space Leak after System Rollbacks #](

openSUSE 13.2 used a Btrfs partition layout that allowed for disk space to become permanently occupied with stale, inaccessible contents after the first system rollback was executed. This layout issue has been fixed in openSUSE Leap 42.1. However, the fix can only be applied to newly installed systems.
If you are upgrading from openSUSE 13.2, you cannot convert the to the new layout, but you can reclaim the lost disk space.

  • Mount the initial root filesystem:
    mount /dev/<ROOT_FILE_SYSTEM> -o subvolid=5 /mnt

  • Remove all files below /mnt that are not in a subvolume:
    find /mnt -xdev -delete

  • Umount the filesystem again:

umount /mnt

When is this meant to be done? Before upgrading? Are we meant to start from a boot CD/DVD emergency recovery console to run the script?

I assume so. That’s the only thing that make sense.

I’m still not using “btrfs” here, except experimentally on one Tumbleweed install.

As this seems a bit of a botch, my inclination is to archive /etc somewhere safe and do a fresh install of Leap on a reformatted partition and then piece things back together from there.

Yes, that’s probably the best move.

But then I always do fresh installs. I backup config changes in “/etc” - I keep a backup of those as I go, in a small directory in “/home”. Then for each new release, I do a clean install, retaining “/home”, and redoing any config changes in “/etc”.