Release name has floating formating

Hi, I am author of DivFix++.
I am trying to compile new package. But generated packages has +0.1 on release number.

I am expecting to generate rpm with name of
but OBS generate package name as
OBS report that

I have the following modifications for DivFix++.spec:
< Release: 1
> Release: 1.1

I deleted package and recreate it, doesn’t solve problem.

Any solution?

The Release number is version hence the change;

You see the version change when a dependency package changes, eg 1.2.

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I think DivFix++ name corrupted. Then I recreate package with same name, I can see older files in it. Now I open package with name “DivFixpp” this will fix problem.

Himm, I am unaware of this. Thank you.