Release KDE 4.3.0


After months of feature development, it is time to prepare for the 4.3.0 release. The release team has put up the release schedule on:Schedules/KDE4/4.3 Release Schedule - KDE TechBaseso we can release at July 28th, exactly 1 year after 4.1 and 6 months after 4.2.

The schedule has been setup so that the first release candidate is released just before akademy, which is the time that branching happens. So, at akademy everyone can either hack on new features or test and fix last minute bugs in preparation of the release.

The first deadline is next Thursday. By then the soft freeze hits. Trunk is from that day on frozen for feature commits that are not listed in the planned feature document at Schedules/KDE4/4.3 Feature Plan - KDE TechBaseOnly bugfixes and the code implementing the listed features are to be committed. The feature list also closes that day. Features not already finished or listed on the planned features page will have to wait until KDE 4.4.


Release Team

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