Release Dates

Is there a place where I can find, or does anybody have a list of, the release dates of the various versions of SuSe, openSUSE? I’d be pleased if it started with version 7, and really pleased if it started way, way back.




The german Wikipedia article has a clearer overview via chart:

openSUSE – Wikipedia

Zernum - That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

I couldn’t stand Windows 3 and avoided it until OS/2 was released. Really liked OS/2, but support just went away. Went to Windows NT 4. Tried a couple different linux distros, but either couldn’t get it installed, or it didn’t have all I needed. Then, with S.u.S.E. 8.0, I found what I was looking for! Almost. By 9.0 It was permanently on my machine. With the release of 10.3, Windows came off and now I have only the remains of some files I created while using Windows.

Thing is, I could remember, and couldn’t find reference to when it was that I removed Windows. Six years without Windows! That’s several life times in the computer world! :slight_smile: