reiserfs to ext2, can I do?

Hi, i have installed 11.1 opensuse on my aspireone110 in SSD 8gb.(NAND), i have reiserfs filesystem but it work to slow every 20-30seconds freezed my system that all, then work normaly , then again freez. im change in grub menu elevator=deadline, better then noop, but no real progress, im update the Kernel no prorgess to, after I read this Лимит записи SSD-дисков | База знаний по ASUS Eee PC](лимит_записи_ssd) (sorry on russian), find two ways out, 1).transition to another filesystem HOW I CAN DO THIS?, 2). fsck --no-journal-avaiable (don`t helps). NO:reiser,ext3,ntfs on SSD-NAND.
Who knows how to solve this problem. :’(

Backup, reformat the partition, and restore.