Reinstalling openSUSE


Managed to mess up openSUSE 11.1 and want to reinstall the filesystem while leaving my home directory well enough alone.

I have 4 seperate primary partitions /boot, swap, /, and /home.

The only thing I have noticed is that if I re-run the install, it changes my /home partition to extended and adds on to it. Is there any other way to do this?

If I wish to re-install the file system but leave my other partitions alone is there a good way to do it?

While installing, when it reaches the disk partition stage, select the “Expert option” and it will allow you to select your own partition layout. You will see your current home partition there (make sure that you note down the device for home partition before you start the installation) and make sure that you choose “Do Not Format” for that - just specify only the mount point as /home.

Use the custom partitioner
at this screen click ‘create partition setup’

then choose ‘Custom Partitioning’

You will see all your partitions, just edit them (mount points etc…) and don’t format /home

Gotcha, and I will try this, but my only problem is it changes the partition from primary to extended, and then it says I can’t edit extended partitions. Is there a way around this?

You can delete the logical partition in the extended partition (i.e. home). Then delete the extended partition. Then you will be able to create a primary partition and mount it as /home again.

Use the ‘Reread partitions from disk’ option. After that select the / partition for formatting, adjust the mount points for /, swap, /boot and /home
TIP: label the partitions. The labels will always show up in any partitioning software, thus making them easily recognizable. You can do this from the partitioner, FSTAB options