Reinstalled 11.1, so easy

I tried 11.2 milestone 5 and had some issues. No big deal. After I decided to go back to 11.1, I tried a few different distro’s first. I have to say I am growing very fond of Suse to the point that I really don’t need another linux distro installed on my HD’s. I do use a couple of live ones like Puppy and DSL, but thats different. Suse is and will stay my main OS.

When I reinstalled 11.1 I forgot how easy it actually is.

1 - Install
2 - Update
2b-Restore Firefox Profile with Febe
3 - Add repos (packman and a few others) and install Nvidia-Settings
4 - reboot (The update told me to right away)

And thats it. All the basics plus set up fast. Now on to the last part of setting up some programs/games I backed up and that should be it for the majority of it. Just some fine tuning here and there to get things the way I want them after that.

So excellent Job OpenSuse team.

I agree with you totally. Great isn’t it;)

Totally agree. Shows how far you can get in a couple of months, with just an open mind

It’s always good to try other distros, but we keepcoming back to (open)suse!
I am sure that other distros have features that we may like, but for all round ease of use and yast’s features, suse flavours are still the best.
All distros have built-n windwos networking functions, but on a pure linux network, the suse distros still have the edge in supporting ldap and nfs, even on the live versions. Most other distros require extra software and a reboot which doesn’t work on a live cd.