reinstall windows on 12.1 dual boot

I need to reinstall windows on a 12.1x64 dual boot machine - sooooo, is there a good DIY on reinstalling GRUB? (for after I reinstall windoz) I saw a rescue command line summary for GRUB2 but not GRUB (the 12.1 default).


So normally you should install Windows first and then openSUSE last. Or, reinstall Windows and then reinstall openSUSE, though you may be able to keep your /home area untouched, but reload all of root / and the grub 2 boot loader, for openSUSE 12.2. Before you go that way, have you considered running Windows in a VM in VirtualBox? I have managed to get the 32 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista and 7 working in VirtualBox. I registered Windows like normal (in every case), had to call the MS phone system more than once but in the end, everything is working. If you need Internet Explorer, any IE centric application, MS Office, heck I even got iTunes to working using USB pass though to an ipod nano. If you are some sort of Windows Game user, AutoCAD user or any high powered graphics application, a VM may not serve you very well, but most anything else works, even hardware related stuff that uses serial or USB ports has worked OK for me. Don’t dismiss a VM out of hand unless your PC is very low on resources like memory or disk space. By that I mean you need a couple of gigs of memory and perhaps an extra 50 gigs of disk space you don’t need to keep openSUSE working as that is the least I would give to Windows.

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If you already have Windows installed (you already have Windows partitions) and just want to reinstall it:

# findgrub -a

If you mess up with Windows and overwrite your Linux partitions … you’ll have another problem. Thus make a backup before!!!

Notice that:

  • (Normally) you don’t need to reinstall Grub. You just need to set the bootflag back on the primary partition which has Grub stage1 in its boot sector.
  • The extended partition is a primary partition.

Thanks for the discussion. I’m only running windoz to play a FPS game, so virtualbox won’t work - also I’ve not been able to get my virtualbox started (it hangs during boot) in opensuse - but that’s another problem. Probably the simplest way is to reinstall 12.1 after and just keep my old home partition.

No. The simplest way is to make sure that Grub in installed in a primary partition and reactivate this partition after installing Windows. But if you have time to spend on reinstalling openSUSE, go on! It’s just not needed though.