reinstall does not fix dbus/session connection problem

I outlined in previous thread login problems as a result of a routine zypper patch and update, included were some nvida files.

My only way forward was to reinstall 42.3. first i checked my media dvd and it was ok

I reinstalled by formatting root partition and reinstalling gnome desktop with no partition changes.
I still could not get a loging to gnome. Same message says "could not connect with session bus failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-xxxxx. Connection refused.
Pushing CLOSE button yielded "Could not acquire name on session bus.

Surprisingly I could get a connection/login using my id and password with icewm desktop. I did reboot to check windows 10 and it was working fine.

I reinstalled again formatting root partition and installing kde desktop. Same results, same messages, but again I can login with icewm.

I reinstalled again formatting root partition and also formatting boot partition thinking dbus might be in boot and installed gnome desktop. Same messages again but again I can login using icewm. Using icewm, I installed mate desktop through software manager. Logged out and tried to login to mate and got same message regarding:dbus problem. I lost my windows login option in this process.

How could reformatting not fix the dbus problem? I need some ideas,

Perhaps reformatting root partition with partition magic might clean out what opensuse formatting could not remove and then reinstalling. Any thoughts?
Perhaps trying a new dvd even though current one passed media check.
Could dbus files be in /home partition which has not been touched? I don’t think so.

Ideas anyone?

I’ve been using opensuse since 11.4 and never had problems like this.

Something perhaps gone wrong in your personal settings (/home)??? Try another user

Per gogalthorp suggestion above. I created a new user using yast in icewm. The new user is able to login to gnome and mate desktops.

Now how might I fix things to get back to my original user name and retain all my directories/files. My thoughts are to copy the entire home/original_user directory into /home/new_user directory. Then delete original_user in yast and all the files in /home/original_user.
Then recreate original_user and move files back over to the newly created original_user home directory.

Might I just copy over whatever mistake there is in the current original_directory if the problem is there.

Perhaps there is a simple way by just editing user names in yast

thanks, gogalthorp

rm -rf /home/your-user/.config.local.cache