Reinstall 11.1 - "import"/rebuild Software raid 5

My motherboard is acting up and can only boot up with 3 out of 4 SATA disks.
The disks are as follows

  • 1 * 640 GB
    Divided into:[list] - /
    30’ish GB*]/home*]3 * 1 TB in software RAID 5
    *]mounted as /home/username/Shared
    *]1 * 120 GB (IDE instead of SATA, not relevant to the problem)[/list]

The PC with the above disks has openSUSE 11.0 x86_64 installed on the 640GB disk and as such to keep it operational with just 3 SATA disks I had to disconnect one of the RAID array disks.

A new motherboard as well as a new processor are already ordered to replace the faulty hardware. (old setup is s754… can’t find a proper replacement motherboard :<)

As openSUSE 11.1 will be out soon I’m planning to do the replacement of the hardware at the same time, how do I go about rebuilding the raid 5 array? (as one disk is obviously out of sync now)

I’ve now replaced the hardware, a bit more then I originally intended to… new motherboard, RAM, processor and videocard. Anyways… I installed 11.1 and it went pretty much flawless. The installer picked up my old situation and made me the raid with 2 out of 3 disks again. Although I selected import mount points during the install it was ignored not much of a problem as I successfully mounted it via Yast Control Center > System > Partitioner.

Now I’d like to add my third disk back to the raid array so I actually got some redundancy as at the moment if one of the 1 TB disks dies all the data is gone… However under Yast Control Center > System > Partitioner I can’t seem to find an option to add it to the existing array.

Now as pictures tell more than words… this is how it’s set up, and I basically want the /dev/sdd disk back in the array.](](](

If I need to post any additional info obtained trough console commands please do tell me the command(s).

Okay maybe that post was mainly to bump my thread back to the first page… (so many ppl posting atm with 11.1 just out)