Regulate Internet usage

Hi there,

We are switching from an uncapped 512kb line to a 4MB line at the office… One catch though. The 4MB line will only be linked to a 30GB account, without the option to top up.

I therefore have been asked to put something in place to regulate what the staff download at work. Basically block movie, music and torrent downloads should be sufficient, but they would also like to have a list of where staff have been in case of abuse. I have tried OpenDNS in the past, but the guys took great delight in getting around this, and did it within minutes… I can’t enter a proxy setting into their browsers, because they all have local admin rights on their Windows boxes and will just disable that… So my question is how do I do this on a server level, so that they can’t get around this?



Set up a firewall block on destination port 80 and 443 at the gateway so that they have to use your proxy (squid). They can still get around this by using an external proxy (with the connivance of somebody external) but at some point it gets too much hassle for them when they are supposed to be doing work.

Thanks ken_yap,

I will read up about this and give it a bash.


Naturally, you exempt the squid machine from the block. :slight_smile: