Regular DVD ISO or Net Install ISO for installing openSUSE?

If regular DVD ISO is able to update packages during installation anyway if internet connection is found, then what’s the difference with the Net Install ISO?

In which cases DVD ISO would be strictly best suitable?


Two different targets, users with limited connection or download bandwidth may opt for a net install to better customize. With Leap >= 15.3 updates to the DVD are now made so downloading updated files is reduced. A standard system or air-gap install would opt for the DVD to do any upgrade (or update with the re-mastered DVD) offline. You could also use the DVD to update multiple local machines via the net install as well.

With the NET install, only packages to be installed, the latest versions of them, get downloaded. The NET media is little more than kernel and initrd.

I haven’t found any significant differences between doing a DVD or a Net install; I tend to use the Net install where there is a good wi-fi signal and the DVD when there is not.