Regarding Yast - Software Management


I’m unable to install software using Yast-Software management. Every time I start software management I get following error:

“Cannot access installation media (Medium 1)
Check whether server is accessible”

AND in Show Details, this is what written below is displayed.

Download (curl) error for ‘’:
Error code:
Error message: couldn’t connect to host

I need to install flash player plugin for firefox. Please guide me.

Thank you.

I am also facing same problem after installing opensuse11.1 GNOME version…
could anyone guide me?

Thanks in advance…

Sounds like your internet connection isn’t working. If it is, then it could be that your update repos aren’t configured correctly.

Are you guys connected to the internet? Can you open Firefox and surf and stuff?

Yes internet is working fine. I’m able to browse. And regarding repository setting, Can you please guide me how to set that.

Thank you.

Hi vinaykutsa

I’m just a newbie here but reading about repositories in the documentation and on the wiki and then some trial and error testing might help you find the problem or at least help others help you.

Did you try installing software with yast2 from your install CD or DVD? Set yast2 filter to repositories and try installing something. If that works the problem may be with repository settings or with internet. If not you had better ask again, Trial and error may not help. If it works then try accessing the URL for the repositories listed in yast2 (open repositories under configuration menu) through your browser. If fails, you could try accessing other (local) mirrors with repositories for your EXACT installation - if you find one you can see, follow instructions in documentation or wiki to list and enable that in yast2 and follow trial and error process again. Dumb solution but it worked for me.

sometimes you need to hit retry a time or two if the server takes a bit longer to respond. I know on occasion I have had to do that with Yast to get it to access a specific server.


Is there any special setting to be done if computer is connection to internet through a proxy…??

Thank you.


Even I’m a newbie. Thank you for the suggestion, will try out and update you on the result.

Thank you.

I suggest you open the Yast Repository Manager and delete the Update entry and add one back in with this url
Index of /update/11.1

You could also try zypper from a su terminal

zypper in flash-player