Regarding HP EliteBook 8560p and SLED 11 SP1


I installed SLED 11 SP1 X64 on HP EliteBook 8560p notebook and it went well except the LAN and Wifi which did not recognized. I have googled and tried the iso and yet It failed to install and recognize the network card and the wifi the ISO obtained is from this site:

HP EliteBook 8x60p: Installation Information

Any ideas what can I do to get Lan and Wifi up and working? Many thanks!


On 10/17/2011 05:46 PM, leblinux wrote:
> I installed SLED 11 SP1 X64

-=WELCOME=- new poster…

unfortunately you have either installed the wrong operating system or
you have landed in the wrong forum…i don’t know which…

SLED is a commercial, enterprise ready, system distributed by the good
folks at and supported by experts via their forums at

and, these are the openSUSE forums where volunteer users help new users
get going on openSUSE available for download at

so no matter which way you look at it, you got it half right…
if you intend to stick with openSUSE then i’d suggest you install it and
then if you still have a wifi problem, go to the wireless forum
<> and read the three stickies at the top of
that forum…they will either guide you to a smile or tell you what info
to post to the forum for help…

openSUSE®, the “German Automobiles” of operating systems

Thank you! I will try the people :slight_smile: