Regain KDE4 Taskbar

If you are like me, and go messing with the KDE4 Taskbar & Desktop and happen to loose it, try to restore it and it goes to the top of the desktop, or whatever, here is a tip to get it back:

press Ctrl+Esc and kill “Plasma” – the screen will go blank
press alt +F2 to open the “Run Command” window
use that to open “konsole”

Now you should have a terminal
Type “konqueror”, navigate to /home/yourname
goto “show hidden files” in the View context menu
delete the folders ./kde and ./kde4

back in the terminal type “plasma” & enter
You should have the taskbar back and in the original location.
Now you can start messing around yet once again:)

BTW, I recommend making a separate install solely for KDE4 and messing around with it. Me. I decided to not risk screwing up my KDE-3.5.9 install:D

Have fun:)


thanks for the tip. I never tried it like that. whenever I mess up KDE4 (which happens often) or an upgrade messes me up (which also happens often) i just do it like this:

boot into runlevel 3 when the pc is off

in X hit <ctrl><alt><f2> for a console tty

log in on the console as my normal user

rm -rf ~/.kde*
sudo reboot

it does suck that Everything is gone at that time, antialiasing, compisiting, font sizes, effect, etc. but after 99times it is easy to recover.


Another workaround is always welcome. I have to ask myself, “why didn’t I think of that?”:slight_smile:

On 06/29/2008 stefan1975 wrote:
> rm -rf ~/.kde*

But doesn’t that delete personal data, too? I’m thinking of kmail et al.


You are absolutely correct.

That’s why I went to a separate KDE4 install along with a separate KDE-3.5.9 production install.

With the 1st KDE4 update, I lost the Kmenu launcher on the taskbar; trying to fix that, lost the taskbar; etc; etc.

On snakedrivers instructions to regain the taskbar i deleted both ./kde and ./kde4 but ./kde4 keeps popping back into the folder , so it doesnt stay deleted like ./kde does… is it suppose to do that
if not why isnt./kde4 staying deleted?

in .kde4 are all your settings, you delete it, you lose settings. the reason this keeps coming back is creating a place where to put these new settings, it will come back, just not contain the old data. don’t worry…it’s meant to happen (and i don’t mean losing the task bar). this is one reason why i have switched back to kde3.5.9

I tried it as per snakedriver’s instructions and whammo sammo, works well for me.

There is no need to delete the entire KDE4 directory just to regain the taskbar, it is enough if you delete the files ‘plasmarc’ and ‘plasma-appletrc’ from the directory ‘.kde4/share/config’. This way most of the settings of the other applications like kmail, etc. are preserved.

Good info to know:)

I just screwed up this way! Thanks a lot for your recovery tips!