Refresh rate an Screen resolution can't be correct adjusted

Some month ago I installed openSUSE 11.1.
It worked not bad, but I wanted to get the newes release of Firefox. So I did an upgrade to 11.2
This wasn’t a good idea, because I got lots of problems. Yast2 refused to work with an error message: unknown option -s (or similar). The regular updates didn’t work also.
Then I decided to do a new installation. Now I’m having a new problem: Display settings (Anzeige-Einstellungen) reports: Monitor unknown (Monitor unbekannt).

Possible resolution settings are: 800 x 600; 640 x 480; 400 x 300; 320 x 240;
Possible refresh rates are: 60 Hz or 56 Hz @ 800 x 600

I need 1024 x 768 @ 76 Hz. In the previous installation it worked well. **How I can teach openSUSE to run 1024 x 768 @ 76 Hz? **

YAST2 Hardware informations shows me in* Monitor > Monitor > Resources > Resolution:* High: 768; Vertical frequency: 76; Wide: 1024
The VGA controller is also correct shown in Display > 3d Blaster Savage 4

I am having exactly the same problem. Since no-one seems to have answered this thread, I shall raise another one!

I am not sure that the section (Boot etc) is the best one.

Lewis Smith

The method in openSUSE-11.2 is to use the tool “sax2”.

While sax2 is being depreciated, it still functions reasonably well in openSUSE-11.2 . But because it is being depreciated, it is no longer being included in YaST. It is included separate on openSUSE-11.2. … 11.3 is another matter (when it comes to the liveCDs).

When sax2 is installed, one can type:

man sax2

to get more information on it. It is possible with sax2 to force the values that the OP wants to force. But because it is something most of us never do, its not something where there is much knowledge on how to do it.

There are many xorg parameters one can force to hand tune a Linux setup. For example this nVidia page gives guidance: Appendix D. X Config Options

I suspect there is something similar for ATI graphics.

But again, most of us never have to do this, so the knowledge/experience in doing it is not common. I know I have not done this for over 10 years, and I would not dream of providing any advice now.

Whether or not we need a wizard replacement for the depreciated sax2 is another issue. And that IMHO belongs on Soapbox in our forum, and in openFate for those pushing for such a wizard.

lewyssmith, if the “other thread” you refer to is the thread I believe it is, then I am moving it to Soap Box.

Its a good idea to have such a thread, but as you note, this is not the place. :slight_smile:

In this response, as well as everywhere else I have seen you use the term, you consistently spell “depreciated” when you mean “deprecated”. “Depreciated” is indeed a word, and it means something entirely different from “deprecated”. If you doubt this, you can easily look up both words in any English dictionary, whether US or UK oriented, and verify the difference for yourself. I hope you will do this, and thereby raise the literary level of the discourse in this forum significantly, to say nothing of improving your own understanding of the language.


It is you that are confused. Depreciated is correct in this sense. When a rule or computer command is being phased out over time.

Definition of depreciate on :

deprecated does not work here

Definition of deprecate on :