Reformat openSuze

Hey i have a massive problem on my laptop that has openSUZE not sure what version, and i dont know how to reformat it to wipe whatever the problem is and start again, please help!:confused:

If you mean you want to re-install, just use the install cd or dvd. Doesn’t have to be the same version.

Choose installation
At the installer - New Installation

You don’t say if you have windows on there too?

But the install basically goes to /
/home can be left as is do not format but still need to make sure it is mounted to /home

if you have a windows partition set a mount point for it as /windows
do not format

double check everything

if you are not sure report back here

cool, i dont have a cd but i’ll just dl it. thanks for that, i’ll let you know if i have any further probs.:slight_smile:

PLEASE read this and
before you format away important stuff…

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Hey guys, i downloaded the full program, and went to install it by my laptop wont open any .exe files, i checked it on my desktop which runs windows and its not a problem wwith the disk, so any help on how to run .exe’s? or how to format? i think it would be best to format and do a complete fresh install.
Cheers for anyhelp.

There are no .exe file in a Linux system
What did you download?

If you downloaded the suse dvd and have burned it. When you boot you will get a green boot screen - choose installation.

NB;You have to have set the cd/dvd drive to first boot device in your bios first.

.exe files do not work with Linux,unless you use Wine.if you are trying to find/install a program in openSUSE, you need to use YaST - software manager to find/install programs. I recommend you have a quick read of this NEWBIES - Suse-11.0 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums and this Concepts - openSUSE


Hi i cant get into the BIOS on my laptop, and it wont boot from cd, i turn it on and i get a boot scree that lets me choose from openSUSE or openSUSE safemode.

You can run the openSUSE installer by booting the DVD, you don’t need to run it from Windows.

Some questions for you:
How fresh may the install be? Can you wipe everything off or is there data you want to keep/save?

It would be good to know how your disk is setup… what partitions are there on there? And do you want to keep XP installed?

ps: wow, left my screen open too long before replying, but 4 reply s added in 15 minutes?! You guys are speedy! :slight_smile:

Hey, no partitions, nothing but openSUSE on it, dont mind formatting and starting again as i have got all my data off already.

What brand is your Laptop? Usually you should be able to get into the BIOS using one of these keys at the boot screen:


edit: If you have the data saved then it’s no issue, just boot up with the DVD and you can choose to clean off all current data.

What size is your hard drive?

its a TCN TravelCel, my dad gt it for me from the UK, will try thos buttons but i already tried F1 and DEL so will see what happens

No buttons work, i just get a beep for every buttons pressed.
How do i start the format?

you must be able to get to the bios - very odd

why can’t you tell us what ver. of Suse you have installed?

that is strange…

When you power on the laptop, are there no key’s mentioned in the boot screen? It would be enough if you can select a boot device to let it boot using the CD/DVD.

You don’t have a manual with that laptop by any chance? I’ve checked their site… but there is not to much info on there.
You can give them a call or send an email.

i think its 10.4
ya i’ve never come accros a pc that you cant get into bios befor, i was thinking of just getting a new hdd but i got no money. so is there anyway of reformatting without booting from the disk?

10.2 or 10.3 maybe - but not 10.4
after 10.3 it is 11.0

you could possibly manage to force an upgrade using the repo’s but it’s not so simple - and to be honest you don’t sound too well versed in Linux.

I would look more in to the bios thing first.

Ya i dont know much bout linux. i cant even connect the laptop to the network or the internet wirelessly, and it is wireless, so are there anyways to format or do i just have to keep trying something that i dont know anything about and keep trying to get into bios? cos i dont even get a startup like everyother pc, it just goes straight to a splash screen that has openSUSE, openSUSE(failsafe) and then down the bottom it has Boot Options where i can type commands, but i dont know what to type.

If you can’t get the DVD to boot, which is by far the easiest way to do it… you can also try the suggestions found at this wiki: Install on PC that can’t boot from CD -

If you have a floppy dirve option 1 might be best to try first.

Otherwise option 2 will get you there, but you will need to dig in to get that going…especially if your Linux skills are not so grand :wink: It will be a good learning school though…

Anyway, I still think you should drop the guys at TCN a mail at the address found here : Contact Us
They should be able to tell you how to get into the BIOS.

Wishing you luck!