Ref Kmail

Hi All,

Wow this looks different on KDE4 anyway, I have installed opensuse11 on my office machine/home server. Install went great after replacing harddisk(fixed).
Now my problem I use Kmail and have done for a while but since installing opensuse11 kmail crashes alot. Sorry cant really be more helpful turn of events to create…

I open kontact
Select mail
right click on an email create filter
filter on subject
I am happy with the details except the folder When i open the selection window i see “Local Folders” nothing else I then double click on it to try and open up the local folder and it throws me out of kmail.

The installation is a day old I have imported my kmail folders from my 10.3 backup.

If anyone has any ideas please…



Did you run the online update? There have been a couple of fixes to kontact and kmail.

Hi cybertaz,
Yea the machine was upto date. I found that there are loads of people having the same issue… So added the Factory KDE repos which has the issue i had fixed…
Thanks for the prompt reply you beat me saying how i fixed it…