Reduced screen resolution after dvd upgrade to 15.3

After upgrade to 15.3 using dvd method, the screen resolution is not 1920x1080 and no desktop adjustments can be made. I upgraded with nvidia proprietary drivers installed. Prior to upgrade system was at full resolution (1920x1080).

After upgrade, I did a zypper up that installed updated nvidia drivers (4) files. System is still at 1024x768 by the mate desktop display module.

Nvidia-settings gui says nvidia driver is not loaded. BUT, Yast hardware says driver is nvidia (not nouveau).

Need some insights as to how to proceed.

tom kosvic

False alarm !!! I reinstalled the updated nvidia drivers through yast, did a power-off reboot, and resolution returned to 1920x1080. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I need to test a controlled reboot to verify I am ok.

thanks, tom kosvic