Reduce size of Software Management window...

Is it possible to reduce the size on the Software Management interface??
It’s a PITA, as when you start it, it opens taking up about 95% of the monitor. I reduce the size and ‘hope’ that it will then come up smaller next time, but no…
Can it be done?

Assuming you’re running it as a GUI under KDE then create a custom window rule to specify the size.

System Settings -> Window Management -> Window Rules

Can’t seem to get it to work…? Do the full Detect Windows, select the Windows class as exact match, and remember the size/position, close/reopen and still comes up the large size…?


I can change it by enlarging it with the mouse.

Works for me on 2 x Leap 15.2 and 2 x Tumbleweed machines… Indeed one of the rules I have is for YaST Software Management, didn’t need to create it for the screenshots. :wink:

I thought window rules were applied immediately, maybe they’re not and a log out/in from KDE is necessary.

Thanks, will give it a go…

Nope, no joy…

OK, think I’ve got it.
Don’t think it was doing the correct match for the class and/or Window Title…
Working now!


Ah… Didn’t see this post until after I’d spent a little while playing around with the window rules, there was something at the back of my mind with regard to that particular rule…

Good to hear you’ve got it working.

YaST2 - sw_single has a lot of trailing space (for some reason) in the “WM_CLASS(STRING)”, as shown from using “xprop”

paul@HP255G7:~> xprop
/* snipped to include only relevant lines */

_NET_WM_NAME(UTF8_STRING) = "YaST2 — YaST2 - sw_single @ HP255G7                                                     "
WM_CLASS(STRING) = "YaST2", "YaST2 - sw_single @ HP255G7                                                     "


When the window rule is created those trailing spaces must be included when using “Exact Match” else there will be no match (for some reason using “Substring Match” doesn’t work either if the trailing spaces are removed, maybe my interpretation of the meaning is wrong).

It should however be correctly identified when you use “Window Rules” “Detect window properties”, ie, “It just works”…

And do the different length (apparently!) hyphens actually stuff things up, as well?

As the matching is for an “exact” match, then yes I expect so, but I’ve not actually tried it…

As an aside, there are a lot of “dash” variations: Dashes and hyphens has quite a good overview.