Reduce default font selection by using Noto instead

I agree. I tend to always replace the default fonts with Noto anyway.

It is complete unclear to me what your question/problem is.

Please either explain, or this will be moved to Chat.

@hcvv, did you read the post? I’ll summarise:

I think that instead of the myriad default fonts that come with OpenSUSE by default being installed, Noto and all of its variants should be instead. It would mean that a user, by default, could view every symbol in Unicode in a consistent manner, without ever having to care about font management.

Dunno what that means.

Don’t understand “what”?
If yes, it’s a “open discussion sub-forum” in here. Kinda like sitting around in your living room with other folks, just chatting about anything, like “what ifs”.

Concerning your post - there is no “technical issue” (to solve) related to “the myriad default fonts” that are available. It’s a nice-to-have.

I skipped the quoting from other distributions to get to your real technical question/problem. I think there isn’t one. I think that you want a discussion about fonts and what should be in a default installation and the like.

I move this to Open Chat.

Yeah. All forum posts are discussions. It’s not like this site is an issue tracker.

The quote was the only content of the post. That means you skipped the entire post… That doesn’t make any sense. Also, the quote, being the only content of the post, was my suggestion. At least my summary specified it for you, I suppose.

I don’t know why we’re discussing whether this should be designated as a “technical issue”. I never designated it as such.

It doesn’t matter though. You seem to all be missing the point. I don’t care where the post is, that’s an issue of moderation which is decided upon, apparently, @hcvv’s discretion. I also don’t care whether it’s considered technical or philosopical. I just agree with the quoted OP that, in my case, OpenSUSE, doesn’t need the font selection that it comes with, and that the default Noto font selection should be increased, per the quote!

Strange. On an untinkered Tumbleweed installation, Noto Sans is already the default.

If Ubuntu users are overwhelmed with a few installed fonts…well, i didn’t see any openSUSE user complain about such thing…

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However, it is indeed missing some of its companion fonts, right? I also think, as aforestated, that the other scripts’ fonts should come preinstalled too, and that on a stock system, there would thus be no need for many currently installed-by-default fonts.

The only issue I have with fonts is that I can’t write in Discord in Japanese by default, but I also think this is a bit of a niche usecase for people whose language is otherwise set to UK English, and I can just install the relevant fonts myself.

On a previous build I did install all of the fonts, mainly to see what was actually available; having a thousand upgrades of just fonts was hilarious. Needless to say I don’t generally do that.

Linux is supposed to be about choice; by all means use the Noto fonts if you find them attractive but font families are intended for different situations. They don’t meet my needs as a typesetter.