Redshift on OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 KDE ?


I’m currently trying to install Redshift on OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 KDE.

Installing tne plasmoid-redshift package fetched about 40 dependencies, among which redshift and geoclue.

I restarted my KDE session.

But when I open my systray configuration, Redshift is nowhere to be found.

Anybody knows how to get this to work ?

Did you install redhsift-gtk (GUI) as well?

zypper se -s redshift

I don’t use it (as KDE has it’s own inbuilt Night Colour Control now), but in an effort to assist I did install it. Once you have redshift-gtk installed, you can find it via the menu > Utilities > Redshift

or launch it via konsole with

redshift-gtk &

FWIW, I note that it has a user systemd service that can be started automatically if desired…

~> systemctl enable redshift --user
~> systemctl start redshift --user
~> systemctl status redshift --user

then it will just do its thing in the background.

Not sure if Leap 15.1’s KDE already has this, but TW’s has, in Systemsettings - DIsplay a “Nightcolor” option. Quite configurable AFAICS.

AFAIK the plasmoid needs activation from the systray’s settings ( it’s not active by default IIRC ). Right click the triangle to access these settings.

It does (at least if one is using the KDE repos), as I mentioned already.

Missed that, probably because your post wasn’t there yet ( busy on IRC ) as well.