RedNotebook latest version

I installed RedNotebook v 1.3 from Yast Software Management. There is a new version 2.3 but it doesn’t seem to be in the repository.

Is there a technical reason the latest version is not in the repository? Has it been moved to another repository that I don’t have installed?

For 42.2 there should be 1.10.1 by default, where did the 1.3 version come from? You won’t see 2.3 until Leap 15, I’m guessing the changes to things like gtk3 and python3 may be a mitigating factor(?).

As a side note with only a few weeks left of 42.2, consider looking to upgrade to 42.3 as all 42.2 repos will start to disappear soon after the end of the month…

You are correct on the version number. I will just use what I have for now. There aren’t many Journal/diary/ToDo applications available. RedNotebook seems to be about the best but it certainly odd how it works.

Upgrading to 42.3 is on my ToDo list. My life remains very busy with other priority tasks. I couldn’t keep up without my computer but it is hard to find time to keep it up to date. Sometimes I just wish they would stop the world and let me off! I can’t seem to keep up no matter how hard I try.

Cheers! Life is a Hoot or Two!