redirected mirror down

no idea where else to post or report this, so I figured I try here.

on anything related, so both the download page for opensuse 11.1 or my current (default) repositories I get redirected to which seems to have been down for the last 2 days.

Not down for me at this very moment… Working Mirror

intresting, none of my 3 machines can reach it, all time out. must be something local then I guess.

Could you follow the link? If not can you go via the ip directly At least it’ll narrow it down to dns or a configuration that is perhaps affecting yast/zypper.

directly to the IP is also not working, will contact my ISP, see what they say. thanks though !

> will contact my ISP

while waiting for them, you might find one that works from this list:


Well I tried to explain to my ISP what is wrong, all I get from them if “but we can access it perfectly from the helpdesk so it must be you”, telling them that nobody on the area who is with them can access it makes little diffrence, traceroutes scare them because they not made in windows…very frustrating.

anyways that is not what I wanted to post, I changed all my entries in the repository list to one that does work so that is solved but… I was thinking…

  1. so yast (or should I say libzypp or zypper, sorry if I am wrong) wants to download file X from and the server gives him the mirror-list instead which in my case has on top with a 100%, in fact its even listed under the header “Found 1 mirror within the same autonomous system :slight_smile: (AS6830):”

example of a mirror list: Mirror List

now Yast times out saying it’s not reachable, that is because of my ISP but who knows what other reason there could be, if I now press retry, would it not be more logical that instead of retrying the top, thus same entry of the mirror list it would go to the 2nd one in the list ?

Might sound dumb but what use is sending a huge mirror-list if you only go for the top of the list again and again ?

One could expand this by creating a blacklist so it wont even retry the same one again and again.

As it is now, anybody in my area with the same ISP will get the same errors, and some might not be able to solve it.

  1. On a another note, People in my area who want to download the dvd/livecd to try opensuse can’t even get it because of the same way the download site just goes for the first in the list and does not giving a mirror list option to select from.

Anyways just a few thought, maybe I am on the wrong forum or mailing list, but what you think ? :slight_smile:

Hehe well you learn something new everyday you would be correct. This won’t get the attention of the desired people mirrorbrain is separate development not that any dev problem would be solved on this forum.

Using your example I can see how that is problematic going on this page it seems to depend on the server rather than your route. Locating by geoip…
MirrorBrain | Feature List

I actually use a distro that has similar but is no where near as dynamic but it chooses to rank the mirrors using a python script from the client. Tests by downloading 50000 bytes from my very crude python understanding.

Now if you’re interested I’m pretty sure I can find the source.

But yes the correct place would be the mirrorbrain mailing list though whether this would fit more into a feature request. Also this is making the presumption that everything is really alright your end and that it is between you and the isp. As I would of suspected both of you to be using the same dns server. That is if dns lookup is involved, perhaps you can try by using something like opendns.

am not sure if its a mirrorbrain issue, for yast it more a feature request… could try the openfate ?

as for the suse download site, well that I dunno :slight_smile:

as for my isp problem, its one of their hubs, I can traceroute to that and there it ends, on name of ip number so dont think its dns, anyways we can forget about that, was more intrested in my idea/thoughts on yast and the opensuse download site

Its defo not yast/suse they have no control over the mirror list generation that is handled by mirrorbrain, perhaps you could try openfate. Though to me it seems a little bit strange…

You’re requesting they change tech(Mirrorbrain) so that if your route to the chosen mirror(Chosen by mirrorbrain, by geoip) is inaccessible for you(Note mirrorbrain checks the availability of the server) it chooses another mirror from the mirrorbrain generated list. See why I went for mirrorbrain…

Not that I don’t think the client should be choosing the mirror depending on speed. Just because it is the nearest doesn’t always mean its the fastest.

ooh seems I was unclear, for yast I basically mean if it times out and gives me the popup and I click retry it’s more logical it would use the next in the generated list instead of the same one ?

You where perfectly clear, perhaps I see a bit clearer what you’re saying but you still are completely changing the tech.

I can see how it shouldn’t happen,
[download-opensuse] → speaks to <–[mirror]
So why would it choose another one? To solve the problem you have you seem to want to do a combination of both…
[client]—| [mirror]
Remember at no point do you see the mirror list, you request a file

[client wants file] → [download-opensuse run mirrorbrain] choose best mirror redirect client to [mirror]

The url you’re using in theory and that yast is seeing is download-opensuse.

Like I said not that I disagree that it should be done at the client end…

Remember at no point do you see the mirror list, you request a file

okies, I understand now, sorry :slight_smile: