redirect root mail to an extern account

Hi, I’m want to redirect the root mail to my external account, first I add the line root:, \root to my /etc/aliases file, then I run the command newaliases, but how do I configure postfix to send the mail?

Relay it out through the smtp server. Have a look at the file and restart postfix.

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If you have not taken over (and therefore out of YaST control), it can also be done by editing the config setting POSTFIX_RELAYHOST in YaST, or with a text editor on /etc/sysconfig/postfix (after which SuSEconfig --module postfix needs to be run).


I seem to remember that you could also achieve this with a .forward file in the users home folder. Where the forwarding email account is listed.This worked with sendmail, so I assume this functionality still exists with postfix.

I will check!


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