Red Hat to axe KDE?

Just saw this in The Register:

Probably not that important. But will they continue KDE support for Fedora?

The last time that I experimented with Fedora (maybe around 1 year ago), their Gnome worked well but KDE was not as smooth – but I don’t remember the details.

Probably not any really, really big surprise.

For years now, the entire RH ecosystem (RHEL, CentOS, Fedora) have been supporting fewer and fewer Desktops. AFAIK all three currently install only one Desktop during initial install, and it’s not always trivial to change Desktops.
In fact, I wonder if the extra work a user has to do to install KDE instead of Gnome has a lot to do with User adoption, it’s not like openSUSE where you simply select a radio button during installation.

Cutting a Desktop may not be totally surprising although is news.


The KDE News feed has the following article: <>.

Perhaps there will be an alternative like SUSE provide for SLE and users wanting KDE/Plasma which is obtained via PackageHub.

Yes, I would imagine that even if not officially supported, there would still be community support available.