Recurring problem with dual monitor Radeon HD4350, getting 'requested virtual size does fit availabl


I performed a 'zypper dist-upgrade' last night on my 64 bit OpenSuse 11.3 system, and now this morning when I rebooted my Xorg.log.0 showed 'Trying to update memory controller settings, you will probably crash now' and the X display was blank.  I then removed my Xorg config, booted into 'Failsafe mode', then booted into regular mode OK.  Now, when I uncheck 'Same image in all monitors I get a message 'requested virtual size does not fit available size'.  When I try an 'Xorg -configure' it complains that I don't have the fglrx driver installed and fails (I had fglrx installed once but had problems so I removed it).  

What is the best way to resolve the ''requested virtual size does not fit available size' message?  Why do I always loose my X display when I perform a 'zypper upgrade' or 'zypper dist-upgrade'?