opensuse 13.1 64 bit.
I have just screwed up, and lost ALL of my preconfigured settings.
How can I go back, and recover the original operating set-up?

Which settings do you mean exactly? Your desktop settings?
Then you should tell which desktop you are actually using.

For KDE4 f.e. rename the folder ~/.kde4 to get a fully default system. But most configuration modules provide a “Defaults” button as well.

Creating a new user should help in any case.

It started when I lost my bottom panel (kde), and stupidly thought that Restore would work.
So, I cannot get access to my email (thunderbird), my Opera Quick Dial settings, and my
KeePass Wallet.

What do you mean with “Restore”?
Restore from a backup?

So, I cannot get access to my email (thunderbird), my Opera Quick Dial settings, and my
KeePass Wallet.

So what exactly is your problem now?
Is your bottom panel still missing?

Or do you have problems with those applications you mention?
Thunderbird stores its settings in ~/.mozilla/thunderbird/ I think, but if you remove that you would also loose your local mails I suppose. So just try to rename it.

Opera has its settings in ~/.opera/, no idea about KeePass Wallet.

Have you tried to create a new user?
If you want to reset everything, this might be easiest way.

On 2014-07-17 13:26, wolfi323 wrote:

> Or do you have problems with those applications you mention?
> Thunderbird stores its settings in ~/.mozilla/thunderbird/ I think,

I think he means he can not start it, desktop panel missing.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

(from 13.1 x86_64 “Bottle” (Minas Tirith))

In the past when the plasma configuration has been borked, just removing the plasma files has been enough.

Try logging as root, not as the user and from the users home directory remove: .kde4/share/config/plasma* files:

rm /home/username/.kde4/share/config/plasma*

Of course change the username according to your system. Make sure you type that correctly!

This should make KDE restore the panel but it will also remove all your customizations you’ve done to the UI but will not touch any of your critical and maybe important files (such as mail etc.)

Well, that’s what I wanted to know with the first question (before that quote).

The panel can be restored by just right-clicking on the desktop and choosing “Add Panel”->“Default Panel”.

Just returned.
When I did Restore, everything came back as a Virgin install, but ALL of my
custom settings are missing, as outlined above, so I couldn’t use Opera, keesafe,
thunderbird, etc, etc.
What need, is for them to come ‘out of hiding’, so that I can use them as I had

What I probably mean, is that I want to recover my customised configuration.
i.e. To return to the state, before I hit Restore.

And where did you hit “Restore”?

That would maybe give a clue what actually happened.

If your “customised configuration” has been overwritten by a backup, it is lost.

Now that I know (from later posts) that this is KDE, here’s what I would do:

  1. Logout, and then login to “icewm”.
  2. Create a directory OLD in my home directory
mv .kde4 OLD/.
  1. perhaps also
rm -rf /var/tmp/kdecache-$USER 

(remove cached settings)

  1. logout, then log back into kde
  2. Check whether I have a clean new KDE configuration.
  3. Logout again, and login to icewm
  4. Selectively restore some files from OLD/.kde4. The subdirectory “share/config” has basic configuration for KDE, and the subdirectory “share/data” has saved data. In your case, your data for thunderbird and for opera should be intact, since those are not part of KDE. I would guess the same for your keepass data.

I’ve done the above from time to time. For every new opensuse release, I usually make a fresh start that way. But then I restore old data for “akregator”, “kdewallet”, “konqueror” and “rekonq”. I usually restore old data by copying it back (instead of moving). I use “rsync” for the copying.

I’m sure that I was in Yast > System, when I did System Restore.

My configured system is back.
Before I logged out, I created a file OLD in my home directory, as advised.
I then logged out; and back in, not using icewm.
My question now, is this; Was it merely necessary only to log out, then back in,
in order to restore all of my Custom settings?
The only thing that I had to do, was to reconfigure the panel icons.
Many thanks.

It’s likely that it was the moving (renaming) “.kde4” that did the trick. That caused KDE to reinitialize.

The custom settings that concerned you were not part of KDE, so those were still there as long as a messed up KDE was not getting in the way.

Do not use Yast restore unless you really understand what is going on.

Restore implies a restore point or image. Did you make a backup image to restore to??

You can re do the panel any time by right clicking desktop unlocking widgets and selecting add panel (note you can also have more then one panel if you want

Remember to lock the widgets again when done setting things up since that is the main way to lose the panel in the first place.