Recovering Journal

Hi all,

Installed a 2TB (ext3) drive this afternoon, to avoid my 1TB (ext3) drive always filling up.

So I copied my music collection to this new drive, to make sure it all played OK before deleting the music collection off the old drive.

Anyway, on rebooting all I’m getting is this recovering journal message during boot (pressed esc):frowning:

Any way to stop this journal reovery, so I can boot into my openSUSE 11.2?

I’ll delete the music collection on this 2TB drive if that is causing problems.


Why not let it finish?

That’s what you should do. Stopping it may leave you with a corrupted file system.

Hi all,

Yes it eventually finished, took about 15-20 minutes though.
I thought something had gone awry, so I was rebooting before the journaling had finished. Then using openSUSE 11.2 & sidux live CD to see if I could simply delete the music collection I had copied over to the new drive.
Even when in live CD mode, the journal was doing its thing. In the end I went out for dinner, leaving my PC to its own devices.

Thankfully, when I got back; I was greeted by my login screen:)

Thanks for the advice!

Generally journaling is completed when you shut down correctly (ie just not power off) But you copied a TB that is is one heck of a lot of data. So you did not give enough time to allow the system to move the data from the journal to the FS. Also maybe you mounted the drive without the journaling turned on. It is possible to do that. Then when you restarted with the drive mounted normally the OS had to complete the journaling process and that takes time for a TB.