Recovering from hardware disaster

I am trying to automate a hardware crash recovery process for a naive user. The current box in use is running 13.2 32bit and /home/user directory and data is backed up to a USB mini drive. I have a replacement box ready running Tumbleweed 32bit. I have no problem transferring the data from the USB drive to the replacement box but I am concerned about transferring config files (.kde4, .mozilla, .Skype etc.), .Xauthority and any other system files that reside in the /home/user directory. I use rsync for the backups running from inside a compiled BASIC program.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I am afraid you will not be glad hearing my advice, but I would never combine a system recovery with an OS version upgrade.

Recover the openSUSE 32.2 system. When that is successfull, you may want to upgrade to Leap 42.1 (or Tumbleweed if you realy think that is something for a "“naive user”).

+1 for what Henk says.
Yet, a couple of things:

  • Make sure that the UUID ( the numeric user id ) is the same on both boxes
  • Make sure the USB drive’s backups are on a linux partition ( on f.e. FAT you loose ownership etc. )
  • The config files are reusable ( if the above conditions are met ). F.e. my wife’s homedir on her laptop was taken from a PC ~2 years ago, through exactly this method. She wasn’t even amazed that everything on her laptop worked and looked like it did on the PC.
  • Naive users should be trained: to make backups on their own f.e., since any automated backup will be broken by them :smiley:

Advice taken. Project abandoned.