Recover a semi-lost document

I was working on this odt document, and I updated the document itself (ie deleting everything and begining to write new things in) and before i realized that i didn’t want to write over the document, I had saved my changes to the name of the previous document. I know Open office lets you return to previous versions, but the document was never saved as a version, so I think i am sol. does anyone know if there is a way to roll back my system to like yesterday and get the older version of that document?

Many thanks,

Its not that important I guess, because I have a print copy, but does anyone know how what I would do if I were to scan the print copy to make it into an editable odt?

You could try finding out where Ooo keeps its temp files (don’t ask me though) – maybe there’s a remnant of your old file there. Of course, this probably won’t work if you’ve opened/closed OpenOffice Writer several times in the meantime. Another possibility would be a backup file (you know, a file terminating in .~) – if your Writer is configured to make one when saving and if one was created at all.

Thank you, I did not think of that. I know that document recovery is next to impossible if data is written to the allocated space, so I have left that machine alone and updated everything i was working on to google docs and have been subsequently working on stuff there. I also knew not to close the window of OOo I highly doubt that OOo created a backup, so I am not going to go looking for that, but I am pretty sure that OOo saves its temp docs to /~/.OOo/Temp so I will look there (I am currently not on that computer so I will report back for anyone who has this problem in the future)

one would think that the temp files would be in ~/.oo3/user/temp or maybe even ~/.oo3/user/backup, but I found nothing in there :’(

I guess I am slightly lucky that I have a print copy, which leads me to my previous question, does anyone know of a way to take a scaned document and extract the words and formatting form it to be a swriter doc?