Recording with audacity playsback at twice the speed

When I record my guitar (plugged in Mic input), Audacity (1.3.9) on OpenSuse 11.1,32bits, KDE4, It plays the track at twice the speed so tune and playing speed are doubled. If I use 96000Hz,32 bits sampling for recording,then the normal tone and playback speed can only be heard when changing S.R. to 48000 in that track before playing it bak…?.
This does not happen in Audacity when used on WindowsXp

For both systems I use the same audio card: SB Audigy digital studio. (Intel D845petb MB, intelP4 2,40, 2Gbram,sata hd, gforce fx5500,250Mb). ¿whats wrong? any Help appreciated. Wilscco

Well, I am at office now so I am talking from memory, but I think there is an option somewhere in the menus/tool bars to select the playback speed…