Recording my screen movements

Until I get myself settled I am going to be a pain. I am after a software that records in video all my screen movements. I do tutorial for Gimp and it would be great if I could do a video of it. This is the site that I am doing the tutorials on if you are interested
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The Packman repo serves a package recordmydesktop for gtk as well as qt. That will do the job.
PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket recordmydesktop

5 Ways to Screencast Your Linux Desktop | 4 of the 5 are on here Webpin

Search that started it
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recordmydesktop is outstanding.

I use it to make tutorials for folks making the move from windows to linux.

Bruce, after our exchange of posts in another thread, where you noted you use that application for your excellent tutorials, I installed recordmydesktop about 30 minutes ago (I selected the qt front end) and I have to say its positively brilliant, and relatively easy to figure out. Neat !! Thanks for the recommendation.

If you need assistance to get the files encoded to flv, and a decent web player like I have in my tutorials just shout and I will see if I can put something together that can be downloaded.

This is an example I used in a Windows forum to just show an example of some of the things a typical home user might want to do and how easy it was in openSUSE.

This is a streaming video, but is pretty large at 146 megs, so if you have a slow connection it may not stream very well.

If it doesn’t stream well for you, you can click the pause button, and let the video progress bar load ahead, you should then have no problems viewing it.

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