recording connection

Hi, I have a problem recording internet connections WPA/WPA2 business.
In managements connections, the network which I connect well contained.
But impossible for me to reconnect without retyping the login name, followed by the password.
Yet the ‘register’ is checked.
a solution?

I believe you are asking why your WiFi credentials aren’t being saved.

Which version of openSUSE?
Which desktop?
Possibly, which Network Management app are you using (default or something else)?


My version is Opensuse 12.1,
desktop KDE,
and for my connection… I don’t know, it’s origin program (?) ( Bad English, sorry :smiley: )
Thanks :slight_smile:

Since you’re logging in with a “Username and Password” and not just a password,

It sounds to me that your problem isn’t basic WPA “Shared Password” authentication, you’re logging into a Network Security authenticcator… eg an 802.1x connection which ordinarily also requires network credentials which are passed to a RADIUS Server.

If this is the case, then the simplest way to address this is to join your machine to the Domain (assuming that you’re logging on with Domain credentials). If you don’t do that, then I’m guessing that the next easiest way would be to build a scripted logon.

If any of my assumptions about an 802.1x AP and Domain security is incorrect, pls post again.