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Many of my neighbors were in a community choral performance that will soon be shown on our local origination (community) channel. I want to record it on my pc to edit parts for each of them to keep. I have a couple of screen recorders in Tumbleweed. I have a Chromecast dongle. I can send media TO the TV but I want to get a signal to go the other way: TV to PC.

I tried recording the TV screen with my cellphone but it picks up the scan line that’s invisible to human watchers! It’s a black band, about 20% of the screen, that slowly rolls through the picture. I’m afraid it will block out my big solo!

Anything I can do on the phone, tv or pc that will make this work?

Is the program not streamed in the Internet?

Than install and use vokoscreenNG

We live in a retirement community. We have a local origination channel on our community cable offerings. Performances by residents are recorded and shown on the cable channel, but not on the internet. I was hoping Chromecast might have an option to view on the pc so I could use vokoscreen. Unfortunately, I don’t see such an option.

Some TVs come with a USB option for saving programs to replay. If they use the MPEG streaming format, you can not only retain them as long as the USB holds out but also copy them to a computer and convert them to another format.

I’m afraid your task may be difficult. You want to get the TV signal into your PC, right? Unless you have a TV tuner card the culprit isn’t your PC but rather the TV. I assume it’s not a “smart” TV? In that case you could either add an external HDD / SSD and use the TV for recording or even start a upnp server to stream the program to your PC.
You might try some hardware based solution. Does your TV set provide any “output” ports that might be used? Or buy / borrow a TV tuner card.

Most modern “Smart TVs” have such an option.

Is this a Free to Air channel or via cable?

But record can be played only on TV that records it.
Someone may hack TV’s firmware to get unciphered record.
So make your record with smartphone or get it from another recorders.

Nonsense, most allow USB recording. I do it all the time with my Samsung smart TV.

Just for the record and because I was really p…d-off some OT: We have a satelite dish and when we moved into this house 10 years agot we bought a brand new LG “smart” TV. I could not get it to work recording to USB. After searching some forum and contacting the “support” via a horrific contact page the result was: We do not support recording from sat in Germany (but anywhere else). Never mind, eventually I gave it away to a friend and will never buy that brand of TV again.
Sorry for the OT! However, in order to provide any help we need information from Prexy what TV he is using and what options the hardware (and then probably any) software are.

That was a hard lesson for you. Haven’t found that restriction here in NZ with my smart TV. I’ve used to to record various FTA movies from time to time.

Sorry for the OT! However, in order to provide any help we need information from Prexy what TV he is using and what options the hardware (and then probably any) software are.

No, it adds to the discussion, and yes we need to know what Prexy or one of his fellow community members has available. :slight_smile:

Depends on local regulation.

Yes, I suspect so.

Nah, that’s what really did bring me up. There’s no German law or regulation prohibiting recording from DVB-S. It was just their - whatever - local “policy”. I switched back to my /kind of/ favorite Japanese brands for TV’s and recording works like a charm (with a suitable HDD).

Last time I looked at this, you couldn’t record a digital broadcast (or a bluray player output) in a device not DRM-enabled, as you could do with an analog recorder (video cassettes).

Every HDMI display device (TV,s monitors) will only play DRM-protected streams if it is supported by the hardware, through encryption keys put on the firmware by the manufacturer under license of the right owners - that is an association or group including the major (and not so major) studios, hardware manufacturers, microsoft, etc.

Cable TV may or may not allow low res recording (SD) when the device has no DRM. Sky, at least here, allows it over composite video output, if your box has it (most only have HDMI outputs).

Some OTA broadcasts (free TVs, normally) do not use DRM, so you can record with a bypass recorder such as Avermedia’s EzRecorder, which has in and out HDMI ports and an USB port for recording. A friend gave me one (model ER130) recently but I haven’t tested it yet. There are many made-in-china recorders that bypass DRM, these boxes are completely illegal, besides usually being **** and even burning up.

So AFAICT you have three options:

  1. get a pci TV tuner board.
  2. try an HDMI bypass recorder such as i mentioned above, it may record HD or SD.
  3. be cheap and dirty: get a tripod, record the TV screen with a video camera our mobile phone and, optionally, pipe the TV audio to your computer to record it without ambient noise, so you can merge it with the video part, may be also post-process the video with a denoise or other video-enhancing filter (avidemux is your friend here). I’ve done this once, result was not perfect but watchable.

i doubt that a community channel will be using DRM. Prexy could try recording some of the channel’s output on a USB to find out whether they use MPEG Streaming and whether it is DRM enabled.

+1 from me.

Thanks for all the input.

My TV is a Samsung “Smart” TV. It has a usb port on the back where the cable connector is. There is also a box that has inputs for various signals: cable, Chromecast and hdmi. This box has a label that says hdmi input. I don’t know if the usb port on the back of the tv is input or output or bi-directional.

Further details:
None of my computers have TV cards.
The community channel is standard def.
This is a community cable system run by Comcast. For the first time in the 4 years we have lived here, I looked at the back of the cable box. The ports are really dusty! There are hdmi-in ports, a usb port, an e-sata port, an ethernet port and, perhaps most promising, RCA output ports. However, my computer has no matching RCA inputs. Given my experience with the local Comcast office, it wouldn’t surprise me if none of these ports were functional.

If it has RCA outputs, then somethink like EasyCap (or equivalent) may work, I had to build the extraction tool and kmp to run it…

Google “EasyCap USB 2.0 Capture Card Video TV DVD VHS Audio Capture Card 3 in 1 VHS to DVD Adapter Converter”

This is what I built to use it…

I have not actually used in a long time…

I would give a USB stick a go with a test record of your community channel.