Reconnect to bluetooth headphones with A2DP sink


I have a problem with my bluetooth headphones: If my computer goes into sleep mode, or if I go too far away from my computer etc., my heaphones will disconnect, as it of course should be, but when I get back, the headphones will reconnect, but only via the HSP/HSF sink, not the A2DP sink. And I can only shift back to the A2DP sink if I restart the computer, or if I remove the device from the bluetooth menu, then restart the bluetooth service and finally connect again. Both methods are quite lengthy - is there any way, maybe configuration, so I can force the bluetooth to reconnect automatically via A2DP again?

Any advide will be greatly appreciated.

Try installing and running pavu. After reconnecting, go to the pavu Configuration tab. On the headphone profile line, there should be a drop-down menu to switch between the two modes. I have to make this switch manually, never got it to be automatic.

Forgot to mention, in the pavu Configuration tab, under Built-in Audio, I have to select “Off” to get sound to my Bluetooth Headphones.

I used to use to following procedure:

pacmd list-cards
pacmd set-card-profile *card_number* a2dp_sink