Recommended Video

My birthday’s coming up and I want to treat myself to a new motherboard and processor. Most of them come with built-in graphics. From what I’ve seen, the overwhelming majority are NVidia or ATI.

I’d be interested in hearing recommendations – which ones seemed to work the best, gave the least trouble with driver installation, etc., etc.

I’ve got GeForce6100 video on my current system, and never could get the NVidia drivers to work with 11.1, so I rolled back to 10.3. But if I could upgrade and know that the video will work, I’d rather move on up to the new version of Suse.

I would definitively go with nvidia. They work really well and the drivers are really good


Same, ATI still does not have a repository up so it’s not as simple as enabling a repository… and presto, working videocard with hardware acceleration.

Thanks. Yeah, that’d be a killer. :wink:

ati does have a repo up it is here
Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE

Thanks to all.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with Intel’s graphics sets? I have that on my company laptop and it seems to work fine under Windows. Can’t get the 3D acel to work under Linux, though.

(And to be fair, I really haven’t tried that hard.)