Recommended method for installing the restricted subpixel/freetype smooth font packages on 11.4?

Hi everyone,

I love openSUSE, but I hate its default font rendering. On openSUSE 11.3, I am obtaining good results with the SubpixelHinting - openSUSE Community Wiki together with However, the previous repo doesn’t have packages for 11.4. I know that there are some personal packages in the build service, but soon after the 11.3 release they pulled these personal packages because they might violate a patent. So where is a reliable, easy source for installing the best libraries for smooth fonts with subpixel hinting?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Index of /subpixel/openSUSE_11.3/

If you actually drill up and down the repo, you should see that the repos are pretty much identical.
I’m not saying you should, but you could add the above 11.3 repo manually. And my guess is it will do what you need.

But I have the fonts from install and they are fantastic.

Hmmm, I thought about using those 11.3 repos too.

Anyone know if that site has plans of supporting 11.4?

Someone will probably get to it eventually

Did you get the repo to install? I couldn’t install any rmp’s from 11.3 on 11.4. I was getting an error there were no download instructions

Did you add the repo manually?

there’s 3rd party repo in the OBS Index of /repositories/home:/muzlocker/openSUSE_11.4

Another repo:
Index of /repositories/home:/inp3dance/openSUSE_11.4

Which package do I choose to install? I see a cairo, font config, freetype2, etc…

Will I just install the packages restart and will the font be smooth automatically or do I have to manually set it after downloading?

based on what was included …/subpixel/openSUSE_11.3/x86_64/ in the I’d go with freetype rpms

If you want all restricted goodness + full Firefox support, u can try this instruction:
openSUSE starter: Step 4. Get yer subpixel hinted fonts.

These steps give the fullest and “most restricted” hinting :slight_smile: