Recommendations for laptop that simply works with opensuse

I just bought an Asus U31F with intel i3 chip, 8 GB ram, 500 GB HD and 8 cells, and too much fail under LInux so I’ve decided to return in.

Any recommendations for replacement where openSUSE 11.4 simply works out of the box?

(Complete specs: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Notebooks - ASUS U31F

Trouble with U31F:

  • wifi (had to install drivers and recompile kernel. This took me about 3 days since I’m no linux wizard and had a hard time finding out how to install c++ dev-stuff. WIFI still drops connection now and then),
  • X freezes, sometimes I can switch to other terminals (F1, F2 etc) but can’t kill X. Other times that doesn’t work either. But the mouse still moves, I just can’t click on anything.
  • fonts are not shown very well (sometimes pixels aren’t shown other times ekstra pixels are shown/hangs around after the letter is deleted. For instance the letter i some times aren’t shown at all and the letter n sometimes look like r and so forth),
  • hibernation and sleep doesn’t work,
  • can’t controll fan which is noisy when it runs at full speed,
  • Mousepad skips and jumps. I have to close the lid to make it work properly again.

I could try to fix all this, but it would take me ages.

So basically not a very suitable machine for linux. Hence I’m looking for something else. )

hi, it depends where you’ re from. Keynux and Clevo laptops are linux certified


I live in Norway. Doesn’t seem like anyone sells them here, but perhaps I’ll find a webshop that ships.

they ship worldwide groupe Anyware Home page distributeur officiel
KEYNUX - Assembleur ordinateur portable Clevo, toughbook, durabook, serveur intel

You may use google translate

Not cheap but the best!

Acer in my experience though some people have had problems with some components on some Acers.

Ah, good.

I had a look at Acer Timeline, seems there are some issues with it. But I’ll see if I find some other model.

I am NOT a full time user anymore.
I still like it and keep it installed on an extra (removable) hard drive.

I use a Panasonic Toughbook CF-52

Intel(R) Core™2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz
Speed: 800.00 MHz

Video is: Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset

It is NOT the latest or greatest, but it has swappable hard drives and it it tough enough to survive field use.
I like it and if a newbie like me can install and run OpenSuSE right out of the box, its quite an achievement.

I replace this thing every couple of years, so I am about to get a new TOUGHBOOK with the i5 chip.

I hope this helps!



Dell Latitude D630 works. I have used it on one before that had Intel 3945 wireless, I had no issues with anything using 11.4